Food and Nutrition

Tiny Tots Childcare and Education Centre provides nutritious, well balanced meals that are cooked on the premises daily. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are provided.

The menu is displayed on the notice board in the foyers and all rooms. It is designed to provide half the recommended daily intake of nutrients. Our menu is based on the guidelines for nutrition in childcare as outlined by the Department of Health (2012). Multicultural dishes are also included on the menu.

Our cook has attended many nutrition courses and is our food safe advisor for all staff. Families, educators and friend’s suggestions are always welcome. If you could please share any of your favourite recipes with our cook.

If your child needs a special diet due to health/allergy, religion, or for other reasons, please advise management. Doctors notes/ Allergy action plans will be required The centre discourages your child from bringing their own food.

How do I get my child to eat veggies?

Make the meal look interesting. Be creative, make the dinner into a face, stick man, anything you like. Don’t put too much on the plate. Talk to your child about the different textures and colours.

When should I introduce my child to solid foods?

The World Health Organisation recommends waiting until your baby is at least six months old. However many children do start with baby cereals much earlier than this on advice from their doctors and health nurses. If you need any further advice please speak management or the qualified educator in your child’s room.

Should I be giving my child low fat or non-fat versions of food?

Children under two years should be drinking full cream milk and given full cream dairy products. When your child turns 2 yrs it is okay to use skim milk products if you wish. Low fat food versions often have additives to compensate for the reduction in taste.


Breakfast is supplied at the centre for children who arrive before 7am

All children are required to have had breakfast before arriving at the centre. The following applies:

  • If your child is arriving before 7.00am,¬†we provide cereal.
  • Babies are excluded from this policy as they will offered breakfast by the educator as required.