Fees & Payment

Families at the centre have to fill out direct debit details before commencing care. Fees are payable one (1) week in advance. Redpay is the preferred method of payment and fees are taken every Tuesday night from your bank account for the current week. If you do not want your fees paid through redpay then you need to pay cash or Eftpos at the centre prior to 5pm on the Tuesday night. There is a fees box in the foyer for payment to be posted. This is emptied daily. Fees are payable when your child is absent from the centre due to sickness, annual leave, occasional absences and public holidays to keep your child’s place at the centre.

Fee Assistance

Most families are entitled to fee relief from Centrelink. Please call them on 13 61 50 to lodge your application over the phone. They are open from 8.00am to 8.00pm Monday to Friday.

You must supply the centre with your and your child/children’s customer reference numbers (CRN) from centrelink before commencing. We can then link your enrolment to centrelink so we can action all your entitlements.

Jet/Study Assistance

If you are studying you may be eligible for JET. This is where the government provides you with a higher rate of childcare benefit to reduce your fees.

Special Child Care Benefit

The centre can provide up to 13 weeks care for your child/children if you have unexpected financial hardship/child at risk at no charge to support families in crisis. Please see Centre Management as conditions apply.

Grandparent Subsidy

If you are a grandparent and your grandchildren are in your custody, you may be entitled to bring your child/children to the centre at no charge. Please see Centre Management for further information.

Cancellation of Care

To cancel care or reduce days parents/guardians must provide the centre with a two week notice period. This needs to be in writing.